So I Wrote a Novella


I was going through my flash drive the other day and found a novella I had been working on and decided to put it out there for the world. Its about a woman that's a seer and she has the demon master named Kane always trying to control her life. She has the horrible gift and she just wants to live a normal life, but of course it can't be that easy.

It's called Seer: the Trials of Lillian Vates...you should go check it out. If you do read it let me know what you think about it. It's on sale at BarnesandNobles.com at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/seer-the-trials-of-lillian-vates?store=allproducts&keyword=seer+the+trials+of+lillian+vates

Jensen, Jared

Things Are Looking Up

The past year has been such a strange ride and things are finally starting to get back to normal. Of course I still feel the loss of my dad everyday I've learned how to go on without him. My house is being transferred over to me and my mom. I got accepted to the University of North Carolina. My mom's cancer is still inactive and the doctor told us that of all the cancers she could get she got the best one. There is a good chance that it will never become active in her lifetime. I can do this.
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What do I do?

My dad passed away last night and now I'm going to have to pay all the bills and keep this family together. My mom's a total wreck, and she has lukemia so she can't work. I only work part time, and I go to school full time. He had just been released from the hospital yesterday and was fine and then three hours later he was gone. I'm so lost right now. My daddy was everything to me.
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Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

I was in 5th grade on my way back to class from the library. We walked by a classroom and I saw the television on in one of the classrooms. They showed the towers first and then they showed the Pentagon and I knew something bad had happened. Then the school told everyone to go to their classrooms. We ate lunch in our classrooms and watched movies. I was on Safety Patrol and had to go to the office to help get kids from their classrooms because parents were there to pick them up. We didn't know what had really happenend, just that something bad had happened.
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New Puppy

I got a new puppy, because it showed up on my porch overnight. The only problem is that my 10 year old dog, isn't really into other dogs. So let's see how this works out.

Yeah...that didn't work out.
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Rant 7

I've had the same teacher for my program of study for two semesters, they shouldn't throw in a new teacher for the last semester in the hardest subject. Collapse )


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